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  • Iron substrate Basics

    Iron substrate is a motor used in high-end, high-end product metal heat dissipation board equipment and the motor on the market currently widely applied, usual

  • Circuit board to tell you the difference between gold and go

    Circuit board immersion gold plate and circuit board Gold-plated board is now commonly used in circuit board production process. With the ICs integration is ge

  • Silver-plated aluminum plate

    For the LED lighting with aluminum substrate, there are many processes, such as a spray of tin, immersion gold, silver, gold-plated, silver, the most common is

  • Aluminum plate aluminum and aluminum alloys which is good

    Commonly used metal aluminum sheet aluminum plate 1000-based mainly, 5000 series and 6000 series The basic characteristics of the three-series aluminum is as f

  • Purpose of the Operating aluminum plate

    Aluminum plate layout Copper clad aluminum is a metal circuit board materials, copper foil, thermal insulation layer and the metal substrate composition, its l

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