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   The company is located in Humen of Dongguan, there are employees who engage in the PCB production and an excellent professional technical team, strong R & D capacity, many advanced automatic production equipments and precision detecting equipments of China, the leading technology in the industry and strict quality management system. Our company always adheres to the high-end positioning of the PCB market, relying on science and technology, research and development as well as innovation, as pioneer in proposing the international MCPCB cooling technology, conforms to the market demand, to create leading flagship of metal substrate industry.

Office  front workshop

cleaning room plating department

PQC workshop  inspection workshop of finished products 

Screen printing room electroplating Department

high temperature baking room cleaning、 etching

exposure area workshop of dry process

Drilling machine automatic drilling machine
high precision engraving machine CNC engraving and milling machine、 Routing machine、automatic V-cutting machine
Punching machine Washer
automatic V-cutting machine film sticking machine
pre-pressing machine lamination machine
SMT equipment semi-automatic 1.5M printing machine
SMT- workshop HELLER reflow soldering
Inspection device

Quadratic element、thermal conductivity tester Flying Probe tester、test machine

Dielectric voltage-withstand tester correcting-board machine

Material display

warehouse of metal sheet warehouse of auxiliary material

warehouse of Accessories warehouse of mold 

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